Are you struggling to find and make time for yourself?

Crazy work, deadlines after deadlines, constant pressure, household obligations, studies or simply life happening and doing its things, you keep giving more time and energy to others than you will probably ever give to yourself in a lifetime. Do you accumulate to-do lists? Do you wake up most days thinking about things that need to be done, and go to bed thinking about the things you haven't done!? We have been there too, and that's okay. At Nowbreathe., our mission is to provide busy human kind with a space to breathe and simply Be. A space, your space. A community, your Home. Now is the time to pour more love into your self and more magic into your life. We are so honoured and thrilled to have you here - Welcome home.

Just imagine...

  • Yoga + Movement

    Yoga sessions where the only thing that is mandatory is doing what feels good to YOU. No flexibility approbation, no previous experience needed, but only yourself as you are at this exact same moment. All classes are all levels, and variations always offered. We promise, they will all make you feel damn good!

  • Massage

    From her heart through her hands...Alexandra has fifteen years of experience initially from France and trained around the world, she has developed her own healing technics! Massage helps reduced muscle tension - improved circulation - stimulation of the lymphatic system. Reduction of stress hormones. Relaxation - increased joint mobility and flexibility. Improved skin tone. Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries and feeling emotionally released.

  • Breathwork + mind

    Breathwork sessions, chanting and guided meditation where there is no need to be a strong practitioner, or having monk's years of practice to be able to breathe, re center and meditate. Holistic practices that help you increase your overall wellbeing, and create the change you want to see.

What's next?

NOWPregnancy 6 weeks course

Learn to embrace childbirth as a physiological process, building trust in yourself and belief in your ability to give birth. Marcelly’s prenatal classes blend birth physiology, mind-body connection, functional movements, breathing & relaxation techniques, and birth positions. The classes are safe for all women regardless of previous yoga experience or pregnancy trimester. About the Facilitator: Experienced Hatha, Vinyasa and pregnancy yoga teacher, as well as personal trainer, Marcelly teaches an alignment-based practice aimed at improving physical functionality and relieving stress from everyday life. Originally from Brazil, her experience as a doula and passion for the pregnancy classes blends asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathwork) with birth education to empower women preparing their body and mind for labour. Marcelly is a mother of two and has a degree in Physical Education along with a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Childbirth and Doula certificate, Active Birth Centre certificate. NOWBOOK YOUR SPECIAL SPOT

Community Love...

This is why we do what we do.

"Ultimate relaxation, tension-relief and healing"

Dr. Lori Leigh

I’ve received some of the best massages of my life from Alexandra. She’s professional, ethical and intuitive. She meets you and your body where they are at in an empathetic way. I always feel as though she’s customized my treatment to provide ultimate relaxation, tension-relief and healing. I leave rejuvenated and awakened to the breath of life.

"Very professional and individually targeted 'hands on' treatments"


What more can I say!! Alexandra is an amazing massage therapist!! I find it very easy to relax with her very professional and individually targeted 'hands on' treatments!! She knows exactly what is needed and goes that extra mile to achieve it! I personally can highly recommend Alexandra for her exceptional massage skills and her lovely warm caring nature..

"Excellent at assessing and connecting with people"

John H.S.

I’ve been going to Alexandra’s yoga classes for about a year- most recently at her ‘Now Breathe’ Studio in Kilbirnie, Wellington. Speaking as a late starter to yoga…with a relatively inflexible and slightly injured old body… Alex has been a great instructor - gently progressing me through a series of stretches, poses, breathing, meditating and Hatha yoga philosophy. She is excellent at assessing and connecting with people in the group and shaping each session so individuals can safely challenge themselves at whatever level they are, through her clear guidance and demonstration. Alex brings great energy and humour to each session and the classes are nicely paced with just the right amount of structure. The classes at Now Breathe Studio have been a good scale (6-10) with a friendly mix of people of all gender and age. The studio has a light and relaxed atmosphere with space and time to share a surprisingly good herb tea during and between sessions. I highly recommend Alexandra and her yoga classes at Now Breathe Studio.

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Kilbirnie Plaza

Cark Park Details

Kilbirnie Plaza, 10 Rongotai Road, Kilbirnie, Wellington Please note, a parking session must be made by registering your plate number even if the parking is free for 90 mins only.