Are you struggling to find and make time for yourself?

Crazy work, deadlines after deadlines, constant pressure, household obligations, studies or simply life happening and doing its things, you keep giving more time and energy to others than you will probably ever give to yourself in a lifetime. Do you accumulate to-do lists? Do you wake up most days thinking about things that need to be done, and go to bed thinking about the things you haven't done!? We have been there too, and that's okay. At Nowbreathe., our mission is to provide busy human kind with a space to breathe and simply Be. A space, your space. A community, your Home. Now is the time to pour more love into your self and more magic into your life. We are so honoured and thrilled to have you here - Welcome home.

Just imagine...

  • A space

    A space where there is no right or wrong. A space to move, connect, sweat, have fun, relax, explore, fall asleep, rejuvenate, laugh, cry, heal, relearn… and so much more. A space where we encourage you to listen to your body and lead with your heart.

  • Yoga + movements

    Yoga sessions where the only thing that is mandatory is doing what feels good to YOU. No flexibility approbation, no previous experience needed, but only yourself as you are at this exact same moment. All classes are all levels, and variations always offered. We promise, they will all make you feel damn good!

  • Breathwork + mind

    Breathwork sessions, chanting and guided meditation where there is no need to be a strong practitioner, or having monk's years of practice to be able to breathe, re center and meditate. Holistic practices that help you increase your overall wellbeing, and create the change you want to see.

When you invest in yourself via NOWBreathe. Studio, you are also creating meaningful change in Aotearoa. Because with every membership you purchase, you support the mental health of kiwis across Aotearoa.

NOWBreathe. Studio is proud to have the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand as our chosen charity. $2 of each membership purchased will be donated to Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand every month. So every time your membership payment goes through, you are not only changing your life, you really are changing the world.