A time to move and breathe. A time where heat and rest find harmony. A Vinyasa style class where you can sweat, have fun, challenge yourself as much as you can simply be and rest if you, your mind and body feel like it. Remember there is no right or wrong. Join us and start your day recharged and energised.


    Oh wow, how to this describe this one? Chanting, shaking, Oming, belly breathing and guidance through ancient breath work techniques, the breath will calm the mind, and help release stagnant emotions. Creating space for clarity, wisdom, and deep state of relaxation and meditation. By re activating the power of your breath, and using the techniques of rhythmic breathing and breath retention, you will improve your body's and tissue cells's oxygenation. Reduce stress and tensions, improves your cardiovascular health, stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, improve your sleep, digestion and so much more.


    When is the last time you took time for yourself and really felt relaxed and nurtured? Now Begin is a Hatha style class were we move softly, gently, one baby step at the time, to bring harmony into the self. A class to introduce yourself to yoga and movements, and to restore mind, body and soul.


    One of our most popular classes! You want to know why? Come and join us for a supa dupa fun vinyasa style class, where music join the breath. A class where the soul dance and the heart beats! A class that makes you feel damn good and simply happy. It is different and powerful. You will love it! We promise.


    You want a gentle, rejuvenative, beautiful and magical class. This is for you. We hold postures for extended periods + guided meditation, allowing body and mind to unwind and find deep state of relaxation. Essential oils will be used to take your practice to the next level. Affecting the limbic system, oils will help you find calm and balance. ps - If you snore don't worry we all do :)


    The perfect class, if you want a tonic class, that is gentle on the joints! Now Pilates is a mat Pilates session, where we work on the core, gently stretching the body, and focusing on the breath, to leave you feel rejuvenated and aligned! Now Pilates is great to improve flexibility, improve posture and burn fat as your body will continue to shed calories long after class ends.


    The perfect blend between slow, gentle sequences and breath work. Nourishing and aligning the body, the soul and the heart one pose at the time, one breath at the time. This class is simply as good as it sounds.


    Allow us to guide you on an inner journey with a beautiful live guided meditation. Now Be Still is a wonderful opportunity to meditate with a group. The guidance makes it easier to focus, be present and grounded. You don’t need any meditation experience. Just turn up with an open heart and open mind, and allow us to guide you into stillness. Be still and experience the peace within.


    The perfect class for tired, sore bodies and minds. Deep, long held yin stretches are combined with myofascial release techniques to improve mobility, stimulate chi flow, and treat tension in the body. Self-massage combined with rejuvenating yin for the ultimate in self-care.

"Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion!"