SOUND JOURNEY with Carlos Riegel

FRIDAY MAY 14TH - 6:00PM - 7:30PM

Kia ora e te whanau! You're warmly invited to join us on a deeply relaxing and transformative sound journey, a unique experience to help you reset your mind and body. Dive deep within and let the music guide you into a meditative state away from the busy and troubled mind, and allow the sounds wash your worries and stress away. Music has the power to transport us to another time and space – when played intentionally it can create shifts within our mind and body and help release tension and stress. The journey will begin with a guided meditation slowly fading into the powerful sounds of the Chao Gong, an ancient Chinese instrument that is used for washing off negative energies and stagnation. As the journey continues Carlos will craft an improvised sonic voyage merging various instruments such as the didgeridoo, tibetan bowls, classical guitar, woodwind, hand-made frame drums and taonga puoro. The music might evoke memories, past experiences, deep feelings, and visual representations of the mind – this allows further processing and transmuting of what is going on within you. Carlos Riegel is a multi-instrumentalist musician who’s passion for music and well-being has led him to study the music therapy tradition. Recently completed his masters in Music Therapy, Carlos’s developing practice has taken him to work with children, adolescents, and pregnant women with acute mental health difficulties, and with men in a specialist treatment unit at a prison in Aotearoa New Zealand. Carlos is passionate about exploring the potential of music as a healing modality both therapeutically and with the community. Lay down your body, rest your mind, and let the sounds take you on a journey deep within your inner self.


FRIDAY MAY 28TH - 6:30PM - 9:30PM

Have you been feeling called to turn inward? Do you find yourself reflecting on the last 12 months wondering what it all means and how you should move forward? Has your intuition been speaking to you but you are afraid to follow its nudges and are looking for that extra push and support? As we move into 2021, and about to enter in a new season, we want to offer you something that gets you out of your normal routine, to look back on the past few month, and get curious what the future might hold. The second Now Awakening session on May 28th, will ask that you go inward to reflect back a little on the first semester of the year, and then to take your thoughts and energy forward for what you want 2021 to bring into your life. What is it that holding you back from reaching your highest potential? How do you really want your life to look like? Once the full moon arrives, the waning (decreasing) moon phase begins. As the moon wanes and the light starts to dwindle, we can begin to release what's no longer working for us. It's a great time to reflect on what you've built during the waxing phase while shedding anything that doesn't feel right. As the moon wanes, we can tie up any loose ends and say goodbye to what's not serving our own highest mission. The time of the full moon is a powerful energy healing opportunity, an optimum time for meditating, recharging your energy field, and clearing your chakras. That is why so many cultures have full moon rituals and ceremonies—there’s so much pure energy in the moonlight that anything it touches can’t help but respond to its radiance and love. Using the lunar energy of a full moon can yield incredible healing results, both physically and mentally. During the full moon, emotions are magnified. You have probably heard people blame the full moon when human behavior gets a bit wacky. Because emotions are more easily accessible during a full moon, it’s a perfect opportunity to acknowledge and release them. Imagine a magical space, candle lights, using the power of your breath to heal, make space and move forward, the sound of live drumming, guided meditation, and support of the most amazing community. We promise. It will be magic, as you reconnect with the magic within you. 'Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.' — Thich Nhat Hanh

Divine and delightful cuisine, Aotearoa's most unique and majestic scenery + outdoors + Nowbreathe. yoga and breathwork magic, to nourish the soul and celebrate the heart.

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