Covid-19 - Alert level 2

Morena beautiful yogis, Have you seen the sunset last night? It was one of the most magical we ever had. The Universe supporting us and spreading its love as, we, New Zealand, were about to enter level 2 and 3 in different places? At level 2 the studio will be running on normal timetables, with health and safety rules, and community guidelines applied. Lucky that we are supa dupa good at spreading love and kindness from far :). For our next events coming up soon, you will receive more info on Thursday evening. For now, let's stand together and remind ourselves, that whatever comes up on our path, there is something we can get, and learn out of it. Let's use this level 2 as a gentle reminder to look after each other, and look after our selves with love, compassion and deep gratitude. Sending you alllll the love we could possibly find in the universe! Finally, if you got any questions or need further informations, please contact us via Char + the NBS Team